You and I want nothing more than to write every day, all the time.

But in the whirlwind of life’s demands, you lose energy, focus, and determination. You feel it in your gut. That desire for writing is fading. And worse still, no one seems interested in your work anyway.

“Why don’t I feel like writing anymore? Does my fiction matter? How do I get my passion back for writing? Can I get it back at all? ”

Yes, you can, you sweet little pickled onion. Promise. Because I went through the same thing not too long ago myself.

Just a few months ago, life pushed everything I love into the background and plopped health problems and bills and rent and even more adulting onto my lap instead. My passion for writing began slipping away and I felt so helpless against it. Worse still, I saw my peers skyrocketing and I felt even more alone, resentful, and lost.

I didn’t write a single word for nearly four months.

So what changed? How did I start writing two hours a day for my blog and make book sales along the way?


The Wake Up Call

I learned about a free seminar from a successful blogger named Jeff Goins. I downloaded his free eBook The Writer’s Road Map: 12 Steps to Making a Living Writing”

What I read woke me up. Jeff shared advice that, once I fiercely implemented, completely changed the writing game for me. I’ll share just three tips:

  • Write every day even if it isn’t magnificent writing
  • Real artists don’t starve as long as they work consistently
  • Reach out, don’t wait for people to flock to you.


From Zero Words to Over Three Thousand a Day

I had heard authors say “Write every day!” claiming it was the key to success. I’d sort of just shrug and say, “Well, that works for them. Not me.”

But leaving gaps of time between each writing session (sometimes three chapters in a day and then nothing for five days) created a disconnect for me mentally. I was hurting my work of fiction by not writing every single day, and worse still, I was hurting myself.

After I strictly applied Jeff’s suggestion to write every day I noticed a massive improvement. I didn’t stare blankly at the page any longer. And now I write over three thousand words a day- sometimes more. And that was just in a matter of two months time.

You don’t have to write gold either, pretty unicorn. No. Just write something every day. You’ll rediscover your voice and you’ll reconnect to the page.


Seven Book Sales In Two Day’s Time

My books gathered tumbleweeds for months. They had five-star reviews, and I promoted them, but nothing was happening. I felt lost, confused, and like I wasn’t writing good fiction after all. Honestly, I felt like a fraud.

But Jeff taught me that it was all about consistency and fearless writing.

I had buried my unique writing voice, afraid I had to keep up a certain image. But after consistently putting out blog posts with my own unique voice again, I saw another great change happen.

I made seven book sales in two day’s time.

Now, for some, that’s nothing. That’s laughable. Gaimain makes that in half a wink. But for me, that was worth a very awkward jig in the dining room causing my husband’s model Lego X-Wing to crash to the ground in pieces (sorry honey).
So what can you do if you don’t have a blog? Start one. I now firmly believe that if you want to get serious about your writing career, then having a blog or a vlog is the best way to promote your work of fiction.


Reaching Out and Giving Freely

I believe there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. I try to apply that principle in my everyday life. But I didn’t apply it to my online audience. I thought that since I was giving away plenty of awesome information on my blog that it would lead to people supporting me. I felt, therefore, quite resentful when I wasn’t receiving any book sales. I was upset that no one asked to interview me, leave comments, fangirl about my books, or ask me to guest post on their site.

Jeff taught me that nothing is owed to me. Nothing at all. And if I wanted to receive anything, then I must apply my life principle to my work as well. I had to reach out first. If I wanted support for my novel, I had to give support first. I had to ask myself what my audience wanted from me and give it to them.
Do to others what you would want to be done for you. If you want someone to read your work, do precisely that for someone else. Comment on blog pages. Send personal emails praising people for their work. Read books and write reviews. Celebrate, and you’ll be celebrated in turn. This is the most natural way to “build your tribe” as Jeff puts it.


Life is Tough, But it Won’t Keep you From your Passion Anymore

All it took was a little push to send me flying again. Now it’s your turn, gorgeous Sunflower. Take the reins of your life right now because that’s what this is: your life.

Don’t say “I can’t”anymore. Don’t say, “I don’t have time” because you always make time for what matters. Decide now that you can do this. Let this be your wake up call and act on your goals right now. I know you can do this.

Give if you want to receive, write every day, and share your work consistently on your own platform and you will regain your passion for writing and achieve your goals. Promise.

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