Are You…

A fiction writer seeking to create an expansive fantasy or science fiction universe?

A brand new writer who has been brewing up a fantasy world for years and are ready to commit this world to the page?

Or perhaps you’re a writer who finds certain avenues of world building to be more complicated or confusing than you’d hoped it’d be.

What if there was a reliable, researched guide which not only easily explained every aspect of world building but also helped you create your own unique world from start to finish?

Good news my friend: there is now!

The answer to all your world building questions comes in the form of this powerhouse eBook:

Building Your Fantasy World: Every Aspect of Science Fiction and Fantasy World Building Explained packs a thorough nine chapters explaining:


1. Maps: How to create a map of your world and how it helps you build an exciting plot

2. Foundations: How to create a lore for your world and why it matters

3. Galaxies, planets, and terrains: How to build a diverse universe that matters to your reader

4. Races, cultures, and societies: Creating a unique identity for your fictional races

5. Creating languages: Crafting a working fictional language for your characters and how it builds believability for your race

6. Creatures, Beasts, and Monsters: Creating new creatures and understanding how they enhance your plot

7. Government and rulership: Learning every kind of rulership available to you, how they work, and which types will work best for your world

8. Weaponry: Crafting various types of weaponry, and how weapon styles represent the cultures they are crafted by

9. Natural and man-made laws: Understanding the fundamentals of your world, and how basic laws and principles affect your story line

Each chapter contains thoroughly researched insight and solid advice which will help beginners or seasoned world builders create a fascinating, unique, satisfying fictional world.


Not only this, but there are quotes and personal experiences from famous world building masters such as:

  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Gene Roddenberry
  • J. R. R. Tolkien

And more!


As a free bonus, this eBook comes with 3 four-page worksheets aimed to help you create your own:

  • Galaxies, planets, and terrains
  • Sci/Fi Fantasy creatures/beasts
  • Weaponry

This book is excellent. The information is well thought out, it’s thorough, it’s clearly presented, and I truly feel that anyone seeking guidance on world building will find Rae’s book helpful and inspiring.

What I found most enjoyable while reading this book, is how much of herself the author put on nearly every page. I could really feel Rae’s passion for the subject and her excitement to present it. As a result, I felt I got to know the author as I read. I really believe that will help to elevate this book above others of similarity, and those who read it will feel as if Rae is there in the same room, guiding them along the process.

D.E. Morris

Science Fiction Author of Aliens in the Gift Shop

Rae’s book is well thought out and more thought provoking than the typical world building Q&A worksheets. I thought I had a good world in mind to start with, but after reading and applying this guide, my world “Aedius” feels doubly full of life and adventure. Thanks Rae!

Mark M.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer

Just $14.95

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