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Barely Hare Books is dedicated to helping teen writers like you write fiction worthy of an epic following. We discuss universal writing techniques and practices used by best-selling authors with enormous fandoms. We break down these techniques one topic at a time to help fresh-faced, young writers like you easily understand these universal formulas and apply them to your work of fiction.

Oh, and FYI: we geek out hard here so expect articles celebrating fantastic fictional characters, worlds, and stories too.


Oh BTW, I'm Rae Elliott:


The reason why I created Barely Hare Books is because I wanted to create an environment where young writers like you could ask questions, be yourself, share your struggles, and become the writer you want to be. I also wanted to share the mistakes I made at your age to help you avoid the same pitfalls and start your writing journey the right way.

See, when I was about eight years old, I discovered writing was my calling. I wrote fiction for years, unaware that I had no idea what I was doing. I thought that since I consistently got off-the-chart grades on my narrative essays in school that it meant I was destined to be a best-selling author.

I learned the hard way that no one is born talented

I discovered that all great writers work hard- very hard– to achieve their goals. So after getting my head outta’ my butt, I read as many books about writing as I could get my hands on. After years of learning from the masters, I finally published three works of fiction I was proud of. Heckin’ proud of.


So Here’s my Pinky Promise to You:

Every Thursday I post a new article on the blog breaking down these writing techniques. A newsletter is sent to subscribers notifying them when the post is available. Questions and comments of all kind are most welcome and warmly received in the comments section of the blog. (These articles simultaneously become available as audio lessons via my podcast.)

Once a month I send a personal booster newsletter which helps my subscribers build pride in their work, remain in the game, and believe in the beautiful unicorn writer that they are.

Lastly, I make myself available to you as often as possible. If you have a question you would like to ask me directly, shoot me an email. Don’t be shy! There are no stupid questions, no problem too small. I will respond to you no matter what!


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