Now you want to put your best idea down in writing. 

But something prevents you. What is it? What is it that restrains you from beginning a passionate affair with your notebook?

I don’t want to just write a novel, I want to write a great novel. But I have no idea where to start.

You’ve read endless articles, books, pamphlets, blog posts- heck you’ve even watched videos all on the “secrets” of great story-telling. That myriad of advice, helpful as it may seem, instead makes you feel overwhelmed. Soon the great beast of doubt rears its hideous head, backing you into a corner. Before you know it, you have writer’s block before you’ve even written your first word.

I can’t do this. I’m clearly not capable of writing a fandom-worthy novel. I’ll never become a successful author. 

But you can do this.

You can write a fandom-worthy novel.

You will be a successful writer too, friend.

Why am I so certain of this?

Because I’ve dedicated my life to defeating the doubt beast myself and now I’m dedicated to helping you do it too.

I’m Rae Elliott, blogger, reader, bunny hugger, barrel rider, snack hoarder and most importantly, writer. I have been fascinated with the art of storytelling since I was a child. After publishing three fantasy fiction novels plus a series of how-to writing guides, workbooks, and manifestos myself, I am confident that you too can write a fandom-worthy novel (even if you’ve never even written so much as a grocery list!)

 After years of participating in the writing community, I believe the three traits all successful writers have in common is:

1. Passion

2. A hunger for knowledge

3. Determination

Why should you cultivate all three traits?

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  • Understand and master writing techniques used by your favorite authors

And so much more.


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