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Love alone brings Power to its knees.

An android slave named Lough seeks to return to his previous life as a powerful human king. But Lough’s goal is challenged by an undeniable bond that has blossomed between himself and the inspirational family he serves. When the royal family comes under threat by their own bloodthirsty king, Lough must decide which he shall sacrifice: his lifelong goal or the family who needs him now more than ever.

Fear can make the truth look like a lie. 

An elite tribe of woodland dwellers maintains a symbiotic relationship with a magical forest that has protected them for centuries. But one young tribe member, Geth Hadran, unearths an unsettling secret about the forest which threatens the unity of his tribe and his family. The trees can turn into humans, and not all seek to use this power for the greater good.

Everyone we see in our dreams are people we’ve seen before in real life. So how is that someone I’ve never seen before keeps murdering me in my dreams?

The creature from my nightmares revealed her unsettling plan to sacrifice one mortal for the sake of sending a message to her home world. Now, falling asleep is nearly impossible. Do I stay conscious and protect the one person who matters most to me? Or do I fall asleep and take one for all humanity? I’m not a brave man, but for you Cassidy Evans, I’d die a thousand times over.

Coming June 20th!

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