You’ve agonized for hours, days, months, heck even years over the characters who have pitched a tent inside your brain. You want to tell their story. You want to share their experience, because you can see it so clearly in your mind. There’s no story like the one you’re formulating around these epic, awe-inspiring characters. As vast as it is, your imagination just can’t cage their story inside any longer.

As you write this epic story, you’re confident that the novel will be a best-seller. One for the ages. J.K Rowling, watch out ‘cuz I’m about to buy the castle next door to yours and wave at you with my best-seller, confident.

Yup. You’re proud of your work. But doubts begin to sprout. Beta readers sent you harsh critiques. Editors ripped it apart. Even your best friend lied through her teeth. You could tell. This novel is awesome still, right? Those guys are just jerks. Right?

Is my novel is the best it can be? Have I given my story enough time to grow? To blossom?

And how about those amazing characters renting out your brain for the last year or so? Are they as amazing on the page as you’ve pictured them in your mind?

You need to be sure. If you’re going to be waving your book at J.K Rowling through your castle window, you had better be pretty dang sure.

Fortunately for you, you’re not alone on the rocky road to publishing. And because of that very reason, I took a hiatus to come up with a workbook and Ebook series meant to help your novel be the best it can be before it hits that Barnes & Noble bookshelf. Over the next few months I’ll be releasing a series of workbooks bent on helping you take apart every aspect of the writing world. And even more fortunately for you, you won’t have to wait for the first workbook in the series. It’s available TODAY.

Is Your Protagonist Fully Formulated? is the first volume in a workbook checklist series chock full of clear, simple, concise information meant to break apart every facet of your novel that you need to nail. Volume One will help you break down your protagonist/hero and what responsibility he/she has to your story. It will take him/her apart layer by layer through profound questions and enlightening answers explaining the importance behind each specific facet of character-building. And in classic workbook style, there are sections and whole pages dedicated to workshopping your protagonist/hero.

16 questions are asked in every workbook in the series. Every question delves into deep facets of story-telling that you may not have considered. Each question is answered in a page and a half. You can read each workbook in one sitting if you like! But it’s meant to be a guide that stays by your side throughout your writing journey. The information is timeless and therefore never goes bad even after sitting on your shelf for a month after the download date.

Why not have a peek at some of the questions you can expect in Volume One?

These workbooks are meant to be read and studied either at the start, the beginning, or even the end of your novel. Basically, anytime is a good time. No time is too late to improve your novel because your story is worth it.

So what do you have to do to get your ink-stained hands on this insanely cool freebie already?!

The 16 question workbook series is available for only $5.00. This incredible price won’t last long. In fact, it’s the lowest price this workbook will ever be!.

Your characters, your plot, your novel- it deserves the best. So give it the best.

Buy this Awesome Workbook Now!

Check Out Volume Two Available Now:

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