Love alone brings Power to its knees.

An android slave named Lough seeks to return to his previous life as a powerful human king.

But Lough begins to question that goal when what’s left of his human heart is inspired by the Royal family he serves. Lough is in awe of Queen Darphina, a selfless mother who would face death in order to protect her children. Lough befriends young Prince Fenton, who seeks to liberate his oppressed people from the tyranny of his father, the King.

As Prince Fenton is about to come of age, the blood-thirsty and power-hungry King plots against his heir to the throne. But the Queen overhears his plans. Lough is determined to help the Queen save her family from a terrible demise while a burning secret encourages the Queen to free her servant of his duties. She not only reveals the shocking truth about Lough’s past, but a way to return to his human body, and that a living heir to his ancient throne awaits his return.

With the knowledge given him, Lough is forced to make a choice that will hang lives in the balance challenging his desire for freedom and power. With a decision of the heart at hand, one can only hope an android will make the right choice.

Fractured: It’s Scott Westerfield’s Leviathan series meets Downton Abbey, with the dialogue of a classic Tolkien tale.

This is a beautiful story of redemption, second chances, and the strength of love.

Lady Darphina is by far my favorite character. People often talk about “strong female characters,” but you’ve never read a book with a strong female character until you’ve read FRACTURED. Darphina is determined to protect her children from their cruel father, fighting to keep their broken lives together if it means sacrificing herself to do so. Her courage and love has inspired me so much.

This story also gives a new meaning to the word “true love.” I’m not talking about the love at first sight, sexualized romance, pulp-fiction kind of true love. I’m talking about selfless love, love between two people who need and depend upon each other. Love that endures even the darkest trials. That’s the kind of love you’ll find in this book. The kind that matters…that makes a difference.

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a book like this.

There are so many amazing aspects to this book: deep and colorful characters, a unique storyline, a cool cross-genre steampunk/fantasy feel, awesome writing style, beautiful morals. I highly recommend this book!

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Hannah Heath

Blogger and Author, Hannah Heath Blog

In this medieval/ Sci-fi book, author Rae Elliott’s character development is so thorough it’s as if she is describing characters you already know. You will see members of your own family, friends, and perhaps people that you care not to think about in the characters of this book. Six chapters in and I already know these individuals.

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Austin Martin

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“Fractured” is an engaging story about the journey of an android named Lough to find and understand a humanity he once knew, as well as the struggle of a young prince to determine the ultimate fate of his Father’s oppressive reign.

The main characters are developed in satisfying depth. The Queen is strong and capable. The Prince follows an excellent arc, from youthful irresponsibility to maturity. The full extent of the King’s madness is revealed gradually and adds to the tension. And Lough is likeable and heartwarming.

While perhaps a bit slow at the beginning, it gathers speed quickly and moves along to a well-conceived conclusion.

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D.E Morris

Science Fiction Author


Charming from beginning to end
When you pick up this story you are truly enjoying a sci-fi through a Lord of the Rings filter. It is part Steampunk, but something else entirely. While the language takes some getting used to, since we are so often used to our fast paced, abbreviated communications, characters such as Lough and Lady Darphina rope you in and you find yourself invested in seeing how on earth their story ends when so much gets stacked against them. It was a nice diversion from the concrete jungle to be wrapped up in such a take. Give it a read, it will make you smile, for sure.
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-Amber via Amazon

A science fiction fairy tale

Fractured is science fiction wrapped into a romantic fairy tale. Not knowing what to expect at the beginning, the reader gets drawn into a story about an android’s faith. There’s everything a good old tale needs: an evil king, love, a kingdom, the language… but there’s also the science fiction part, which is dealing with almost magical technologies. I loved it.

Lars Tinnefield via Amazon

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