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Fear can make the truth look like a lie.

Thanks to quick thinking and a fast arrow, prideful young Anfin earns the title of expert huntsman amongst his race of elite woodland dwellers. But his new title is nothing new to older brother Geth, who is more consumed by the wise, ancient forest than his little brother eclipsing him again. It’s when Geth stumbles across Anfin’s arrow, landed astray from his target, that a trail of secrets much darker than a rigged test is uncovered.
When Geth cannot place who it was that secretly secured Anfin’s title, he becomes plagued by the fear that an unknown danger lurks in the forest. Geth continues on his own to find the truth, but his hunt unearths an even more troubling discovery: the trees that have sworn to protect and nurture his people have the ability to take human form.
Confused and frightened, Geth spreads the news of his alarming finds. But such news only causes fear and division amongst his family and his tribe. Geth realizes that seeking the truth behind this well-kept secret is his responsibility, as is saving his tribe’s ancient relationship with the trees.
But someone is onto Geth’s secret mission, and they want nothing more than to watch Geth fall into their crafty trap. Geth soon discovers that a once trusted confidant is not who they claim to be, and the traitor cunningly manipulates their people to fear Geth and the forest. A dark vendetta with deep roots seeks to tear Geth’s family and his world apart, unless Geth learns to look past his fears and fight to reveal the truth.


Treefell is a very original and unique fantasy tale about humans who no longer fit into regular society are “adopted” by the trees and are then taught and protected by them.

I very much enjoyed the theme of the story, and the world around it was well described.

The book was very pleasant, fun and easy reading, originality and depth!

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Alicia L

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“Legend of the Wood” is the first book in what promises to be a lush journey through a world where forests are not merely trees, but teachers, guides … and enemies?

Author Rae Elliott quickly ushers the reader into this unique setting and dives deep into the connection the forest has with its inhabitants. Using a wide variety of sensory description, one easily becomes immersed into this symbiotic relationship.

The characters are well developed and each have their own voice. The main character, Geth, from whom the story is told through, runs through a gambit of emotions as the secrets and agendas unfold. He does his best to cope with his changing world, and clings fast to the deep connection he has with the forest.

His brother, Anfin, is very much the jealous, overshadowed younger sibling who sees nothing but contempt from Geth, real or imagined, and is blind to the manipulation of his life taking place right behind him.

The brother’s wise teacher, Riken, and their Father also add to the complexity that surrounds their now fragile society.

This is definitely a set-up book for the rest of the series, as the ending is left wide open with many loose strings waiting to be tied. It should prove to be a good ride as I expect each book to build upon this strong opening.

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D.E Morris

Science Fiction Author

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