Your book is a real winner and you know it. But in a sea of other self-published novels, how can you make sure your book  gets the attention it deserves? Podcasting is the most promising way to ensure your novel stands head and shoulders above the competition. I wanted to share with you the secret to Podcasting your novel by sharing what my process is, what programs I prefer, what tools I use to create the Barely Hare Books podcast, and how it has received got over 100,000 downloads.

My Recording Program Choice:

 I use one program to record my chapters: Audacity. It is a free app for Windows and OSX. This simply structured program is ideal for new Podcasters. See, I’m a bit of a simpleton when it comes to technology, so a program with a simple “Record”, “Stop”, “Pause”, button makes editing a breeze.

If I make a mistake, it’s as simple as finding the mistake in the recording time, highlighting it and literally pressing “delete” on my keyboard. Now, for a while, I used the Garage Band App on my Mac, since I heard that it worked well for many people. But to be honest, I felt completely lost and frankly, like a bumbling idiot stumbling through the program. Not to mention, I am an impatient person, so if it doesn’t work for me with ease, I give up almost immediately. So, if you’re as impatient as I am, then turn to Audacity for a concise and easy to use program.

My Podcast Host:

I use Libsyn as my podcast host, frankly because they are the cheapest option, (as low as $5 PER MONTH) and again they are easy to work with. Liberated Syndication (libsyn) pioneered the system to host and publish podcasts in 2004. And since then Libsyn has become the largest leading podcast network. In 2011 Libsyn hosted over 10,000 shows, with over 1.6 billion downloads, by 18 million monthly audience members. As  successful as they have become, Libsyn still gives you personal attention. You are given as much as 50 mb per month, which for me allows for as many as four episodes per month. They allow you the freedom to manage your podcast and personalize your postings as well. I upload my recordings as an mp3, since that is what Libsyn requires. And worry not- Audacity exports your recordings as mp3’s with the click of a button! 

My Publishing options:

I have my podcast available on iTunes, Zune, and Stitcher. For most of these guys, it’s as easy as sending them an email with a link to your podcast host. They check it out, making sure it’s legit, then they return an email to you within a few days giving you the ‘okay’ and the update that it’s available via their network. 

My Recording Device:

I use a Snowball mic by Blue Microphones and it’s much better to use than your average built-in computer mic. With the help of a pop filter, this mic filters out white noise, recording clear, smooth audio. Yes, mics can be pricey, but a mic is an investment for your podcast. It’s the really the most tool in your utility belt, so don’t just look for the cheapest mic on the market because chances are the audio quality you’ll get will match the price you went for!

Over 100,000 Downloads Later…

Granted, every project takes time. Two years later and my podcast in total as had over 100,000 episode downloads! So how has it reached such a level of success? First, I keep my podcast absolutely free. Being a new author, I have little name recognition, so, offering my podcast for free grants more opportunity for listeners. Next, I networked with fellow Podcasters like Jeffery W. Ingram of Worldbuilders Anvil, Ron Shaw of the Ron Shaw Show, Austin Martin of the Homesteady podcast, and Dr.’s Rob and Janelle Alex in Authors Talk About It. I reached out to these folks after enjoying their podcasts, and they were kind enough to include me in interviews and discussions which they then created new episodes from. This helped get my name and my show out to potential audience members. And, such networking boosted downloads continuously! Finally, posting 1-2 episodes every month makes for a podcast my audience can rely on, so the listeners stick around. Two years of regular episodes later, I found my podcast passing the 100,000 downloads mark! You too can reach such success if you remain consistent and put out episodes full of material that matters. In this case, it would be chapters of your novel!

So, does podcasting sound simple to you? Does it sound affordable? Does it seem functional? Well, I assure you, podcasting is well worth the time and effort you already put into advertising your story. Put your book head and shoulders above the competition by offering a unique listening experience to your audience.

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