While preparing and gathering a massive amount of education regarding the fundamentals of writing fiction for students at my Teen Writer’s Workshop, I got to thinking:

“Why should my online following of brilliant young minds miss out on this?”

I wasn’t happy with the idea that you got to watch as a wonderful opportunity sat just out of reach. I wasn’t comfortable with the thought that you shouldn’t benefit from what other great students are learning just because you don’t live the CT/NY area.

So I got to brainstorming.

And now I am so excited to share what I’ve brewed up for you special folks out there who may miss out on my Teen Writer’s Workshop. You’ll have available to you what I wish I had when I was your age:

All the solid information I am sharing in the Writer’s Workshop at the Arts & Nature school in Ridgefield will be available to you as Barely Hare Books’ first ever online educational program for teen writers called the Fundamentals of Fandom-Worthy Fiction Course.


I’ve put together 13 lessons discussing fundamental topics such as:


  • How to Get Your Story From the Mind to the Page
  • How to Discover your Unique Writing Voice
  • Pixar’s 7 Steps to Outlining a Story
  • Unseen Story Structure Every Great Work of Fiction Needs
  • The Elements of a Killer First Chapter
  • How to Create Characters that Matter
  • How to Create Scenes that Matter
  • Grammar and Editing 101
  • How to Create a Love Triangle that Readers Won’t Hate
  • The Art of Showing AND Telling
  • How to Write Simple Yet Powerful Sentences
  • The Art of World Building
  • How to Write a Strong, Satisfying Ending


Each lesson contains a ten-minute video discourse with yours truly breaking down each topic and how you can apply them to your work of fiction:

This course also includes a downloadable workbook meant to be used along with your video lessons.

This workbook contains:

  • Interactive worksheets
  • Outlines and character crafting charts
  • Personal goal setting initiatives
  • Writing exercises

And more.


Plus I’m including a personal Writing Schedule Journal complete with daily writing prompts as your second available download!

The schedule within allows you to easily keep track of your progress in the course and helps you to keep up with the lessons through a daily suggested routine:

I am so thrilled to share this course with you because it is specifically created for fresh young minds eager to enter the writing game but unsure of where to begin.

This course ultimately teaches you all the fundamentals of great fiction writing, helps you understand each topic, and shows you how to put each technique into practice.

So you will come out the other side a stronger, more capable writer, ready to enter the writing game prepared to produce your best work of fiction yet.


I personally believe every young writer has what it takes to write fiction worthy of an epic following. And I also believe that your story matters to the world. I am investing in you the way I wish someone would’ve invested in my skill as a kid.

See, when I was young, I didn’t have a real grasp on writing technique. I simply loved writing and I wrote stories constantly.

But what I also didn’t have was a mentor who was personally interested in my passion for writing fiction. I had two awesome parents who believed I could fly if I duct-taped some paper mache wings to my back. They invested in me with everything they had. But as amazing as they were, they couldn’t offer me personal writing advice because they weren’t seasoned writers themselves.

And well, as for my school teachers, they were invested in grades, not in teaching a passion.

I had to hone my craft the hard way. But I don’t want you to hone your writing skill the hard way.

I want to share with you now what took me years to learn.

And, I want to be for you what I did not have at your age:

  • A mentor who is personally invested in your writing skill
  • A teacher who can share with you the fundamentals of great storytelling
  • And a friend who believes in you and shares your passion

So I am also planning two different live webinar sessions where you can ask me any questions you have about the course, your writing journey, or any other hang-ups you’re facing! The dates will be revealed in your Writing Schedule Journal.


Your fiction deserves a strong foundation. Your future deserves a reliable guide. Don’t waste another minute. Start writing fandom-worthy fiction today.

I invite you to join me on this awesome journey. Invest in yourself, your future, your skill, and have it pay off handsomely. Subscribe to the Course newsletter below to stay in the know and receive monthly updates:


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